Square One is a new concept in contemporary art galleries. We are providing the opportunity for local artists to rent their own display area within the gallery at a highly affordable weekly cost.

What will it cost?
The smallest units will cost as little as £10 per week to rent, with the largest units costing £35 per week. In addition there will be a 20% commission on all sales. Minimum rental period will be 4 weeks, but discounts can be negotiated for longer periods. 

What do we provide?
• High Street location
• Permanently manned space – a member of the gallery staff is always available to deal with customer enquiries and purchases
• A branded space within the main gallery which is professionally marketed through advertising and press coverage
• CCTV at all times for security
• A range of display plinths for 3D work and display cabinets for jewellery 

  • Who can exhibit at Square One?
    Any artist as long as they live and work in the West Country and their work is original. This may include:
    • Paintings – any medium
    • Sculpture – any medium (size permitting)
    • Photography
    • Ceramics
    • Glass
    • Jewellery (display cases provided @ £20 per week)
    • Textiles

The plan and tables below shows the display units available for rent and their associated costs. We have split some of the larger spaces into smaller units, but these can be rented as multiple units at a discounted rate. 

The pricing of each unit reflects its size and position within the gallery.

People like to buy art from local artists and we provide them with the opportunity to do just that.

For availibility of individual units please cross reference with the 'Current Square One artists' page.