Anna Francis and Tara Vignoles both explore landscape but by utilising very different techniques, styles and media. Despite these differences they come together to compliment each other in the ‘EXPANSE’ exhibition. Tara explores elements of landscape through an emotional response and expression, whilst Anna operates with delicacy and precision mapping the contours of the land.

Anna Francis

Bristol based Anna’s map illustrations are inspired by the Bristol A to Z and local Ordnance Survey maps. She explores natural contours, rivers and roads. She highlights natural and man-made forms through her use of digital and traditional media. Her maps are created as limited-edition fine art giclée prints and more recently as screen prints. 

Tara Vignoles

Born and bred in London Tara went on to study Fine Art at Wimbledon School of Art and Norwich School of Art, gaining a BA Hons in Fine Art Printmaking.

From her studio in Blagdon, North Somerset, she now works primarily with oils She says she is exploring the physical elements of the landscape, such as fleeting light, passing storms, big skies and water, seeking to intertwine the emotional and ethereal aspects of that landscape, whilst also exploring the empathy and fragility of humankind through artistic expression.