Lucy Delafons is an Arts Therapist who lives and works in London and Wells. Lucy enjoys exploring the improvisational and expressive qualities of paint through the processes of screen printing and mono printing on glass.



Graham Evernden graduated from Maidstone College of Art with a First Class BA Honours degree.

He worked for several years in London as a graphic designer before becoming a freelance printmaker and illustrator.

Graham produces hand-made limited edition linocut prints as well as paintings.

He sells through galleries in this country, Europe, America and Australia.

He has exhibited many times at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.



My map illustrations are inspired by the
Bristol A to Z and local Ordnance Survey maps.

Natural contours, rivers and roads are highlighted,

exploring natural and man-made forms.

All the maps are limited edition fine art giclee prints. 



Ian MacCulloch studied at Northampton School of Art. He exhibits regularly in the UK and abroad. His work is in many public and private collections. Ian works in a variety of printmaking techniques, but especially enjoys the graphic qualities presented by etching and woodcutting. His work can be seen in many galleries throughout the UK. Ian has also exhibited several times at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition as well as the RWS.

Ian's work encompasses a wide variety of subject matter, from animals to architecture and is realised in a variety of printmaking media. Other inspiration comes from the natural and manmade landscape often observed in the evening or early morning when the low sun reveals hidden texture and detail. Many of his prints are hand-coloured in order to increase vibrancy and atmosphere.



I was born and brought up in the beautiful Lam valley in the village of Swainswick north of Bath. My early years were influenced by these surroundings designated an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Trained as a painter, and influenced by the Post impressionists, the Fauves, and 20th Century British artists. In the early 80’s, a desire to increase my repertoire of technical skills drew me to relief printmaking. The tactile task of cutting a block had a great appeal, and I went on to do two years post graduate training.

The majority of the colour images are created in natural light. The colour prints are a result of overlays of pure transparent colour, from light to dark; warm colours on one block, cool colours on another. I rarely print green; it is arrived at by overprinting yellows and oranges with transparent blue. Good registration is vital each edition is limited and cannot be repeated. I use Somerset Satin paper from St. Cuthbert’s Mill to print on and their pastel paper for the colour drawings.



Sarah Ross-Thompson is a Fine Art Printmaker specialising in hand-inked, collagraph prints, originally inspired by the Dorset landscape. Relocating to the beautiful West Coast of Scotland in 2012, her new work has a slightly more rugged feel and sees a subtle shift in palette. The Dorset themes still continue.

Using carefully built collage blocks, her work combines the vibrant colours of oil-based printing inks with the textural qualities of the materials she uses. This combination produces a distinctive look that makes her work instantly recognisable.

Having experimented with a number of printmaking techniques Sarah now works almost exclusively through collagraphy. Experimentation with new materials such as chopped chives and oatmeal in conjunction with the more conventional string, kitchen salt and corrugated card, ensures that her work is constantly evolving.



John was born in Nottinghamshire, studying painting and graphic design at Nottingham College of Art in the 1960’s. 

He now lives in rural Warwickshire, just about as far from the sea as you can get. This doesn’t stop him from making frequent trips to the sea. In his paintings he likes his ships and boats to move and this effects how he gathers his reference material. His primary source being an extensive library of his own photographic images. This is added to whenever possible, often with no time for a sketch, but always with time for the camera to record. 

He has continued to be inspired over the last fifteen years by sail, ships and the sea. The breadth of his maritime imagery and experience is continually expanding, always believing that his next marine painting might be his best.



Sarah is an exciting young London based illustrator and printmaker.

Notable clients include The Royal Opera House, Penguin Random House, The NHS, Reading University and Blusci Cambridge. 

Sarah says,
“I draw, collage, take pictures and print.
I have a sore thumb from cutting paper for hours.
There is ink under my fingernails.
I’ve always got bits of paper and random ephemera.
I like wearing my splattered apron, even if I don’t really need to.”

Works on show at A2 Gallery include monoprints with collage and embroidery based on The Exeter Book (the largest still-existing collection of Old English poetry and riddles. The Exeter Book has been dated to c. 975)