London born Jacqueline Adams began her professional career in jewellery in 1996. She created her own range - JACKS JEWELS - which was snapped up by Vicky Sarge Jewellery Boutique, Butler and Wilson and Harvey Nicholls. Her work has been featured in numerous top fashion magazines and regularly features in Red and Vogue. In 2003 Jacks moved to Somerset and began reworking/ up cycling found objects into beautiful pieces of art to sell.

After a visit to butterfly house, she was appalled to discover the dead butterflies were simply thrown in the rubbish, she collected them, and began to notice the potential in other objects discarded by society.

Her ethos is to never look at anything for what it is, but for what it can become.


Ruth has been passionate about the arts all her life studying them in various forms. In 2003, when she completed her first mosaic, she knew this ancient art form was to be her future. As a mosaicist, Ruth is influenced by her environment and Wells, England’s smallest city, and her home for over 45 years, provides a constant source of inspiration.

Much of Ruth’s work is commission based, privately or through public art - you may remember her wonderfully elegant mosaic swan, “Arcus”, from the “Swans of Wells” event. Over the years Ruth has honed her skills, underpinned by her natural creativity. She works with a broad range of materials and techniques to produce exquisitely detailed pieces. Ruth loves every step of the creative process from developing initial concepts and ideas, through to completion of art works.


Currently I am creating 3D textile landscapes under the name As The Crow Flies. I am inspired by aerial photography of the countryside, patchwork, and the many rural landscapes I love. I enjoy the challenge of representing different areas and seasons using a range of up-cycled materials including cashmere jumpers, odds & ends of fabric, and scraps of yarn. Using these I create irresistibly tactile fabric landscapes – unique aerial views of the countryside seen ‘As The Crow Flies’.  My work invites the viewer to stroke the ploughed fields, squeeze the trees, and fondle the hedgerows!


Dave George recycles cutlery and pieces of driftwood to create functional hooks. Dave's "Uniquely Quirky" designs are handmade on the Island of Guernsey where he has lived for many years.


Jane has worked in various artistic media for most of her life, but only in recent years did she discover a passion for mosaics. Trained in technique by highly regarded mosaic artist Elizabeth de Ath , Jane has also visited many of the meccas of the mosaic world for inspiration, including Ravenna, Venice, Chartres and Barcelona. In a relatively short space of time she has produced an impressive portfolio and has already completed several commissions.

Jane specialises in micro-mosaics, a style which involves clipping the tiles into small – sometimes tiny – shaped pieces, quite different from the “roman villa” style of mosaics familiar to most of us. The recent work on show here are created from the tiny workings from inside watches.


Adele Zaslawska is self taught and inspired by the charms of cats, dogs, birds and insects; she takes old and unwanted china and rejuvenates it into something new and fresh.


Having grown up in the countryside I have always had a deep respect of nature. Since I was very young I have been fascinated with ancient myths and legends; local stories and tales from overseas that take their very essence from nature. I find inspiration from the colours of the sunset, the formations of birds, the transformation of plants and trees throughout the seasons, the harshness of wind and storms and the subsequent stories that have evolved in the distant past. Occasionally I like to make a work about an existing myth or legend, but I prefer to make up my own stories by looking at the natural world around me and viewing it as a primitive and mysterious place. Just as in ancient mythology, my personal myths feature metamorphosis and transformation to tell a story.