26 artists from around the country, from Cornwall to Scotland and from Wales to Suffolk have come together to celebrate the beauty and intriguing character of the badger. 

Badgers now receive so much negative press and using art is hopefully a non-confrontational way of raising their profile in a positive way right in the heart of one of Somerset's cull zones.  

The exhibition will run for three weeks from 8th - 27th July with an evening talk by wildlife filmmakers Amanda Barrett and Owen Newman talking about their lives as wildlife film makers and how they have encountered similar perceptions of Jaguars in South America to the badger in Britain. A professional film team  are overseeing the creation of a promotional film which will be released in teasers via social media and shown at the Private View.The artwork ranges from painting, sculpture, ceramics, graffiti, photography, jewellery, feltwork, mixed media and illustration.


Sadly, Wells is a city surrounded by culling operations and, like so many other places, hardly anyone knows what's going on.