Holly was born in the New Forest, Hampshire, in 1975. Growing up in an area of outstanding natural beauty and also living very close to the south coast, gave Holly an innate appreciation for organic forms and natural aesthetics, which is still apparent in her jewellery today.

Holly began creating jewellery in her early teens and by fifteen she was already selling her jewellery to an enthusiastic base of returning customers.

After leaving school Holly went on to study Art to Degree level.

Throughout her life though, jewellery making has remained a constant and persistent passion and occupation. Holly has an extensive knowledge of semi-precious stones and also contemporary hand produced beads from around the world, which she puts to good use when creating new pieces of jewellery or “wearable works of art” as she likes to describe her creations. Holly has trained in and uses a variety of techniques including: beading, beating, wrapping, Peruvian wire work, weaving and Viking weave.



I am a Ceramic Artist working in Bristol and a member of the Cotswold Craftsmen and Crafts Council.  I make handmade vases, platters and unique jewellery from my studio.  I collect leaves from local arboretums, forests and my own flourishing garden to inspire my ceramic collections.

My travels to far-away places also inspire my more sculptural collections of work.



EllyMental Jewellery is the transformation of Elly's little illustrations into lovingly and meticulously hand-crafted pieces of jewellery. Elly is inspired by designs based on her own fervent interest in kitsch nostalgia, Victoriana and animals.



Jodie Metcalfe is a jewellery designer and maker with an appreciation for the handcrafted. She creates handmade silver jewellery in her workshop on the border of Dorset and Hampshire, UK.

Jodie has forever immersed herself in the natural world and pays particular attention to the endless textures and subtleties metals can hold. Whilst drawing on and working with materials that would otherwise decay, Jodie has developed an interest in techniques that emulates and directly translates the structure and form of the natural object. Her designs incorporate foraged finds cast into silver from their organic original, carefully collected from within the British Isles and further afield. Simplified botanical forms, reticulation and set stones also feature throughout her jewellery collections.



Between 1988 and 1991 I studied a BA (Hons) in Fine Art at The University of Northumbria in Newcastle. I gained a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from Nottingham Trent University in 1992. I then worked as an Art Teacher for 10 years in my home town of Nottingham. I used my art projects within school and for the city council to produce articles subsequently published in Art and Design Magazine, a popular art resource for teachers at that time. Justine now produces her own jewellery designs under the name of ‘Art You Wear’.





Based in Somerset, Vicki originally studied Geology at the University of Bristol , gaining a PhD in Volcanology. Perhaps inspired by geological materials, forms and structures, she began designing and making jewellery in 2017.

Vicki creates beautifully fluid sculptural forms from precious metal, and says of her work:

“My pieces are wearable sculptural forms characterised by simple lines and fluid curves, each individually handcrafted from silver using a mixture of contemporary techniques. Contrasting surface details include textural finishes and colouration by oxidation, or plating to accentuate and embellish”



Award-winning jewellery designer, Erica Sharpe, combines vision and extraordinary design talent with the highest standards of craftsmanship to create wide range of exquisite, hand-crafted jewellery, including limited-edition collections and unique bespoke jewellery pieces.

Erica is one of the UK’s leading contemporary jewellers and has won a string of prestigious awards. Erica creates fine jewellery imbued with elegance, beauty and meaning – Unique pieces that are a pleasure and pride to wear, strengthen the bond between giver and wearer and can be treasured for generations.

Inspired by her customers, the precious metals and gemstones that she works with, and often nature and heritage, Erica’s design process brings an entire story to life within each piece of jewellery – Combining colour, emotion and personality and delivering a stylish, elegant, alluring and distinctive result.



I live and work on the Mendip Hills in Somerset, an area of outstanding natural beauty.  I love to explore, my travels taking me on adventures around the world, above and below ground and underwater. Geology and the natural world have always fascinated me, and wherever I am I like to be close to nature; observing wildlife, exploring mountains, forests, deserts, seas and caves.  These special places are my inspiration; my jewellery is designed to take you on a journey through rocks and crystals as you explore their wonderful shapes, textures and colours.