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My work consists of various creative strands. My core practice is that of a painter of landscapes, and a continual fascination with places and the need to understand and interpret the ways in which we recall the natural world recurs throughout all my  work.

However, my interest in experimentation with other media is ongoing and recent projects and residencies have given me the opportunity to explore alternative ways of working. I believe it’s important to keep an open mind and working cross media allows me to explore avenues of creativity I might otherwise have ignored. Each part of my practice feeds into and supports the others.


Carolyn’s work exhibited here are from her ‘Realm’ and ‘The Days Are Falling’ series. Realm depicts a world that floats between reality and fantasy; between believable spaces and sites of make believe. Down the rabbit hole, through the looking glass and into the wardrobe, all of these paths lead from the territory of the real, into the realm of wonder and myth. Carolyn is a photographic artist, writer and educator. Her photographic practice explores notions of home, belonging, folklore and the natural landscape. Her writing interests include photography and expanded media: moving image, mobile photography and computer generated imagery. Carolyn has taught as a Lecturer in Photography at the University of Hertfordshire, Coventry University, Anglia Ruskin University, University of the Arts London and the University of West London.


Draftsmanship is key to who I am and what I create. I feel it is important to introduce the factor of the hand. It gives our images identity, like that of handwriting. Through seeing it we are then able to consider it and then understand it.

Shape captivates me. I look intensely and wait my judgement upon my piece of paper until I am ready to "expect the unexpected". The shape of the object makes me determine the line quality. Judgements are passed with the intermingled sense of how I am feeling about what I have created. Sometimes it frustrates me, other times I feel overjoyed. This up and down rush from a few brush-strokes. I feel I am living it. It absorbs me until I am done.

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